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Are the files really free?

The MIDI and karaoke files on MIDaoke.com are free for personal use only. We do not recommend using these files for any commercial use and we do not have the authorization to give such permission. The files on our site were made by many of authors. If you like the file and wish to use it for commercial or profit purposes please try and contact the author of the file, if any author information is available. These authors have spent time on making these files so please try and give them credit for it.


What is M.I.D.I. ?

MIDI is the acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI was introduced in 1983. It was developed in cooperation between the major music industry electronic instrument manufacturers including Roland, Yamaha, Korg and others. The MIDI protocol allows electronic devices (usually synthesizers, but also computers, light show controllers, VCR’s, multi-track recorders, etc.) to interact and work in synchronization with other MIDI compatible devices. Using a master controller device such as a keyboard, one can play or trigger sounds from other electronic devices remotely.


How do I download a MIDI file?

Click the MIDI link (file) with your right mouse button and hit "Save Target As", if using Internet Explorer (this may read different on another browser but still carries the same function). Then download them into any directory you choose on your pc and double click (if needed to open files) and the MIDI will play.

Please do not link directly to MIDaoke.com as this may cause bandwidth problems.


How do I get MIDI to play on my site?

Explorer uses the BGSOUND tag

The HTML tag for this is:

<bgsound src="song.mid" loop="3">

Where src= would be the link to the file.
Where loop= would be how many times the song repeats.

Netscape uses the EMBED tag

The HTML tag for this is:

<EMBED SRC='yoursong.mid' AUTOSTART="True" HIDDEN="True" LOOP="false">

Where loop=false means only one rendition will be heard.
Where loop=true will provide repeat the rendition over and over.


How do I find author contact information?

Most authors will have contact information located on their files. You may need a MIDI program or player to find such information. We use VanBasco's Midi/Karaoke Player and a text finder. If you have a MIDI sequencer, you may be able to find file information for the author as well.


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