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MIDaoke.com does not allow commercially made and/or copyrighted MIDI files on our site. All files were made by their respected owners, individuals, amateur and professional alike. These files were made for the public by the public. All files are for personal use only.

The MIDI files on MIDaoke.com are for informational, educational, and review purposes only. No commercial gain is realized from MIDaoke.com, and is strictly non-profit. Copyright infringement is not intended in regards to the composer or any of the composer's entities.  All copyrighted MIDI's that are still used on MIDaoke.com, are used with the sole permission of the MIDI author.

These files have been scanned for copyright information before uploading, using a text editor, and if any copyrighted MIDI file has been found it is erased immediately. If we find commercial files we will have the files removed and erased as soon as possible.

If you are a MIDI file author and/or owner, please make sure that you have copyright information located and/or encrypted somewhere on your files. You can visit the Federal Copyright Office for forms, instructions and general information about the copyright process.



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